Picture for category These are 4 types of jeans every woman should have in their wardrobe !

These are 4 types of jeans every woman should have in their wardrobe !

Jeans style guide!

Jeans have a special place in our wardrobe, because it is forever in fashion. It doesn't follow the trends, it's there every season, to become the outfit that will give you the solution when you don't know what to wear.Of course, there are big trends on jeans too, the fact that it is a very popular outfit, it changes styles to attract new fans, or just to refresh our wardrobe. But apart from the current trends, there are 4 basic types of jeans that you should have in your closet, because they never leave the trends and because if you have them, it will be hard to find a day when you have nothing to wear!

Classic Jeans

This is an all time classic piece, you definitely have in your wardrobe from day one. Classic line and blue color, both provide a firm value in your everyday look. Its length varies from design to design, meaning that it can reach the floor or just your ankle, which todays trends emerge. Almost every garment matches along with it, either it is a floral romantic blouse, an open shirt or just an all over print tee., After all, there is a good reason why they call it an all  time classic!


There was a time when black was more popular than the classic blue jeans. The good news about it, is that can easily become a night look since you can combine it with slightly more posh tops and with the right accessories to create a stylish look. Skinny or mommy, will surely be able to wear it for many more years either in the morning in casual chic shows or in the evening in a more… sexy look.


Many years in the must-have jeans list, it started its career in the groovy 70s and is still one of the most flattering trousers in the women's wardrobe. You can stay away from boho aesthetics and wear it in an urban style combined with t-shrits and jackets all year long!


Great hit a few seasons ago but definitely a jean we all have and can wear again and again. The prerequisite here is a nice shade and definitely no tear-and-drop design that will make the skinny jean look less elegant. From the strongest look with lingerie top and sandals for a party look.


Really how was our life before mom jeans? The epitome of street style and the jeans you love to wear when you have that in mind! In blue or black it is always a great combination with sneakers and slogan t shirts but you can also give it a body and booty earring in a night out look.

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