The company


POP-AIR is a purely Greek company that started in 2016 with the aim of becoming the favorite brand of all young people, those who feel young and all who share the same standards and influence the evolution of fashion.  

Following global trends and trends in fashion, POP-AIR has managed to create their own comfortable and modern style, avoiding stereotypes, while also creating new trends that affect the appearance of everyday living, school / university, workplace or a formal event. POP-AIR's designs have influences from all over the globe, and they seek to be aligned with movements and behaviors that respect the uniqueness, rights and privacy of all. 

The refurbishment of the offered items is continuous and its prices are one of the most competitive in the Greek market, while it ensures the quality of the garments through the quality checks carried out during the production process. Twice a week, all stores in Greece receive new merchandise. 

POP-AIR is continiously growing and expanding its network of stores, currently numbering ten (10) with 1.100 square meter size each, while currently completing its new office and warehouse building, covering 8,000 square meters, at 12 km. e. Athens-Lamia, in the area of Metamorphosis. 

The secret of its development, in addition to its product - quality - price combination is its people itself and the love of the world that is constantly growing.