Change / Return Policy

Return / Refund Policy 

General instructions 

Products must be returned in excellent condition, without any special markings (tabs) removed, and must be accompanied by the receipt and the withdrawal form which can be downloaded here. All refunds must be made within 14 days of receipt of the item. The Company reserves the right to reject refunds sent or notified after the return deadline. For hygiene reasons our company does not accept returns on swimwear, leggings, underwear and jewelry unless they are defective. 

All products are returned to our central warehouse and receive thorough quality control. The Company reserves the right to reject refunds of items not in the same condition as when they were bought. In case of return of products and depending on how you chose to pay for your order, as well as on the way the return of, your refund will be completed within 20 calendar days of the date the company receives your products. 

Cases of refunds / changes 

When purchasing from our online store (with or without registration), the first return of your product is always FREE, using one of the following ways: 

- Return to stores: Go with your order and proof of purchase at any of the POP-AIR stores.  

- Return by courier:   Exchange your order hand in hand with the transport company that will come to your home. Let us know by phone or by email about the products you want to receive and the products you want to replace. We will ship the parcel with the new products and when you receive them at your door or nearest courier shop in your area, you will deliver the parcel with the products that you have informed us you are returning.   

* Returns made through the e-shop are only for orders placed through our site. 
* The number of products requested to be changed must be in euro equivalent to that of the market. 
* In case of return of unaltered clothes, the shipping cost is borne by the sender (customer).