Picture for category Cargo shorts ... have never left the building

Cargo shorts ... have never left the building

Cargo shorts unlike Great Elvis, have never left the building.

Cargo shorts are a must have summer wearable, they have been enjoying a surge of popularity. Its bulky pockets on the side of each leg, make it easier to get stuff in and out of. For the most part, they are cut out of a thick, hardwearing cotton. 

They’ve always been practical. Now they’re trending, too. 

The Dos And Don’ts Of Wearing Cargo Shorts

Don’t Be Tempted By The Length

Cargo shorts are cut longer than chino and swim shorts, but still use the around-the-knee-area as a sweet spot. Any longer and your legs will be drowning in fabric which kind of misses the point of shorts, and makes you look shorter. 

Don’t Over Use The Pockets

Cramming a load of items in those side pockets will weigh them down and stretch out the fabric and shape, making your brand-new cargo shorts look old before their time. 

Don’t Wear Them With A Blazer

Cargo shorts are smart casual at best, so pairing them with smart staples like a blazer or tie is a step too far out of its comfort zone. 

Do Pair With Workwear Staples

Although a descendant of military uniform, the multiple pockets make the cargo shorts a natural match with all day workwear. The deep navy and khaki tones of workwear match well with cargo shorts as do staples like thick over-shirts. Relaxed and loose streetwear is also a great fit so look to pair with trendy graphic t-shirts and kangaroo hoodies.

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